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Safety management deals with qualified______________.

Who may be responsible for accident?

Which of the following is not an inventory?

Industrial safety management if that branch of management which is concerned with ______ hazards from the industries.

Which accidents should be reported to management?

Which is not included in the causes of accidents due to worker?

The fire triangle does not include

Injury without showing external signs is ______ injury

If the factory employees more than 500 workers, it should appoint a qualified______________ to carry out the prescribed duties.

_____ improves the safety in an industry

An activity in which people practice leaving a place quickly is called _______ .

Work permit is issued by ________

Which of the following qualifies as a health provision ?

Industrial accidents have following types

A document that authorises one to carry out a specific job is

Which of the following is an unsafe condition.

Reasons due to which non-machinery accidents may occur are

Most of the industrial accidents are

Which are different types of accidents?

Fire extinguishers should be kept at easily accessible places is the condition of _________ .

Workplaces with a minimum of ____ employees need to have a written fire prevention program in place.

When should employees be informed of the fire hazards to which they are exposed at work?

Even when there are no signs of a fire, you should respond to every fire alarm as if it were real.

All workplaces need to provide portable fire extinguishers.

The primary function of a fire door is to exit a building in case of fire.

When you discover a fire, you should...

Which of the following should you do if you are unable to evacuate a burning building?

Below is a list of fire extinguisher types matched with surfaces on which they can be used. Which is the incorrect option?

Which of the following fire extinguishers is used to put out Class A fires?

Which of the following fire extinguishers is used to put out fires caused by flammable liquids?

Which of the following is the acronym describing the correct sequence of using a fire extinguisher?

Where should you aim a fire extinguisher nozzle when putting out a fire?

What can you do to help prevent a fire at work?

Before an emergency occurs, you should...

Which of the following should you NOT do during a fire emergency?

Which fire extinguisher is most suitable for an electrical fire?

One of the main functions of personal protective grounds is to provide a _______ impedance path for a short circuit.

A Safety Electrical One Line Diagram should be used to ______________ all sources of electrical energy.

Work performed on an electrical system within reaching distance of energized components is________work.

The Prohibited Approach Boundary is considered the same as making_____________.

The minimum allowable work space around electrical equipment is ________ inches deep.

The secondary of a current transformer must never be ____________ while energized.

Which is the “Can’t Let Go” range of current flow?

OSHA requires the testing of a voltmeter after a voltage test on voltage above______.

One of the three generally recognized hazards of electrical work is____.

Gloves used for electrical protection must be electrically tested every...

Under the OSH Act, employers are responsible for providing a __________

OSHA was created to _________

Which act establishes responsibilities and rights for employers and employees?

OSHA is part of the ___________ department of labour.

In the case of a fatal accident, when should a report be filed for the nearest OSHA office?

What violations are most commonly cited by OSHA?

What is the leading cause of death on construction sites?

The following symbol is used when something in your workplace is a:

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Which of the following is not a chemical-related health hazard?

A container holding a hazardous material must include which of the following as of June 15, 2014:

If you wanted to convey the most severe type of hazard, which word would you use?

This symbol means which of the following:

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This hazard symbol is used when something is:

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If you transfer chemicals from a labeled container to a portable container, you don’t need to comply with standard hazardous material labeling requirements when:

Ammonia becomes an immediate danger to your life and health when it is present at the following level or greater:

You should wear eye, head, and face protection if you are working with which of the following tools?

Which of these is not a power tool safety precaution?

Which of the following is not true about powder-actuated tools?

Hydraulic jacks exposed to freezing temperatures must:

If you are working near a flammable substance, you should always use iron or steel hand tools.

OSHA requires that electric tools:

You should not use a wedge if it has:

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration requires employers to have Hearing Conservation Plans if the average 8-hour noise exposure is more than:

A normal conversation registers at about:

Exposure to high levels of noise can lead to which of the following:

The most effective way to prevent hearing loss at work is to:

How many points of contact should you maintain with a ladder at all times?

How often should ladders be inspected?

OSHA prohibits working on a scaffold in the presence of winds above:

Ladders should be angled so that the its base is one foot out from the wall for each ____ feet of a ladder’s height.

If you fall, you should always try and break your fall with your hands.

OSHA restricts ladders from being higher than:

If you are driving a forklift and it begins to tip over, you should

A forklift or industrial truck is unattended if the operator is:

Which of the following information is not found on a forklift nameplate?

While carrying a load downhill on a forklift, you should:

While lowering a load with a forklift, you should not do which of the following?

What is OSHA’s maximum capacity for a manlift?

On which of the following types of surfaces should a Class B fire extinguisher not be used?

On which of the following types of surfaces should a Class A fire extinguisher not be used?

Which type of fire extinguishing system is most commonly used to protect areas containing valuable equipment such as data processing rooms, telecommunications switches, and process control rooms?

Which class of fire extinguishers should you use on electrically energized fires?

The acronym “PASS” used for fire extinguisher operation stands for:

If you need to wear glasses with your eye or face protection, which of the following options is acceptable:

Which helmet provides electrical protection from high-voltage conductors?

Which of the following helmets should you not use around electrical hazards?

Rubber insulating gloves need to be tested:

Which of the following conditions is least likely to prevent you from wearing a respirator?

If you see this sign in your workplace you should:

Add description here!

Portable space heaters can be a danger in the workplace, and therefore, must:

The most dangerous place to use electrical equipment is:

The safest ladder to use around electricity is:

Flexible cords may not be be used for which of the following:

The effects that an electrical shock has on your body can depend on: